Why Jesco?


Introduction to Key Companies in India and Marketing

JESCO provides introductions to Key Companies in India, which are tailored depending on sector, type of equipment / services and range. We also provide the following services:

  • Product valuation & feasibility assessments
  • Market size assessments
  • Market forecasting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer categorization
Technical Presentations

JESCO can conduct marketing and promotion activities across India in cooperation with principals including Technical Presentations, Exhibitions and Seminars.

Project management from planning to post-execution

JESCO can provide all the necessary support, services and data to manage the project efficiently and effectively through all stages. Our services include:

  • Attend the bid/tender opening
  • Reply to any queries from customers
  • Day to day follow up
  • On-ground updates with the progress
  • Manage the project in India
  • Source locally manufactured products
  • Arrange tie ups with EPC and turnkey contractors
  • Arrange contractors for subcontracting various tasks
  • Mobilize our resources to successfully complete the contractual obligations
  • Ensure timely payments from the customer
  • Provide Technical support to the customer
Local Installation Support

JESCO can support principals with skilled / unskilled manpower to help execute projects in India and provide customers a complete package.

Tender / Bid Document Preparation

JESCO can provide all necessary information and strategic guidance for the preparation of bidding documents. Our services include:

  • Purchase the tender on principals behalf.
  • Help in the pre-qualification for the tender.
  • Attend pre-bid conferences.
  • Arrange meetings with the client.
  • Carry out the necessary correspondence with the client.
  • Keep principals updated with tender developments.
  • Promote unique features of principals.
  • >Guide principals in preparing the tender bid after going through the tender documents.
  • Review and check bids prepared by principals and verify if it meets the tender requirement.
  • Guide principals in product pricing considering the Indian market.
  • Arrange for consortium partners and source locally manufactured items.
Support for information on local laws / taxes

Through various consultants JESCO can provide information on Government, semi-government and state taxes, levies and duties

Sourcing from reliable local product or service providers for project execution:

If principals require locally sourced services / products, JESCO will source suitable product or service providers, recommend reliable local companies as well as arrange competitive offers.


Database of over 35,000 companies and suppliers for customized and diverse range of equipment and services

We have a database of over 35,000 companies and products including their brochures, product information and experience records, which can be used to source your customized solution

Turnkey Procurement and Installation Solutions

Through our international principals from countries including Germany, China, Japan and the US, we can provide turnkey solutions ranging from Power Plants to Production Lines

Provision for suitable JV Partners

JESCO can help source suitable JV Partners for project participation and execution purposes

Sourcing for Niche Technologies & Raw Materials

We assist companies looking to expand their portfolio of products by assisting in technology transfers for various products.

We can provide services including
  • Identification and study of required technology
  • Sourcing companies possessing required technology
  • Submission of transfer request proposal
  • Technology valuation
  • Contract negotiation & finalization

Our source markets for technologies include: USA, Germany and Japan