Supply of Design Fabrication and Installation Atomic Oxygen Exposure Test Facility

General Specifications Of The Facility:
• The exposure chamber should be able to accommodate samples of minimum size TBD(10mm X 10mm) and if possible accommodate bigger size
sample with uniform atomic oxygen flux over the entire target sample
• The desired / expected accumulated fluence is of the order of 1e22 Cm2 and it should beachievable in reasonable time of ~few months.
• The Atox generation shall be by RF or laser induced or any other suitable method to breakdown the molecular oxygen.
• The facility shall produce Atox of relative velocity equivalent to 7-8 Km s-1 and energy shall be ≥ 5eV.
• Suitable vacuum pumping system to attain required base vacuum level to achieverequired atomic oxygen flux on the target.
• Inside the vacuum chamber there should not be any component/part/material which is a source of out-gassing and shall not react with atomic oxygen.
• The temperature of the sample subjected to atomic exposure test shall be controllable typically between +150 °C and -100 °C.
• The chamber shall be provided with number of flanges of suitable diameter for taking various view port/ electrical feed through/ instrumentation.
• Internal mounting brackets shall be provided to mount the samples for test.
• The chamber should be configured taking into account easy accessibility of all the internal systems for operation such as cleaning,
repair and maintenance & loading of material & optical components

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