OPGW Cables


Optic Ground Wire: The stainless steel tube is hermetically sealed by seamless welding without any pinholes or leak. The tube is filled with moisture/water resistant gel. This construction of the tube provides complete protection to the fibers from longitudinal and lateral water/moisture ingress. With the optical tube as described above at the center, aluminum clad steel/aluminum alloy) wires are stranded to form the cable. The interstices in between the stainless steel tube and the metallic wires are filled with anti corrosive grease for protection from corrosion.

  1. Cable Structure : Both Aluminum Cladding Steel wire and Aluminum Alloy wire can be used
  2. Features
    • A high optical fiber count OPGW providing excellent communication capabilities with small diameter.
    • The fibers are hermetically sealed in a central stainless steel loose tube with up to 72 fibers.
    • Simple installation with standard OPGW accessories.
    • Suitable for operation under high tension without any strain on the fiber due to elongation
  OPGW Cable