Solar DC/AC Invertor


RPACK Provides Clean Energy




Item Ratings Remarks
Input method Single -circuit Two –Circuit  
Type SPM100-CS1 SPM100-CS2  
DC Input Voltage Input Voltage range DC0-600V DC0-±440V  
  Rated Voltage DC400V DC±300V  
  Input voltage range of operation DC320-600V DC±210-±375V MPPT range
Efficiency 94.5% 95.0% At the rated output (including isolation transformer)
Output capacity 100kW  
Insulation Method Commercial frequency insulation  
  No. of Phase Three Phase , Three wire  
AC Output Rated Voltage Frequency 202V 50 or 60 Hz    
Mass   1,100kg      
Communication method RS-485
  Other Ambient Temperature -10 to 40C (For range from 40 to 45 degree C The output will be limited to 80% of the rated output)
  Service Indoor

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