CNC Hydraulic Punching/Drilling Machine for Joint


Model: CJ100/CJZ100

Technical Characteristics: 

  1. Integrated machine with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems;
  2. PLC control and two axes servo-motor driving;
  3. Self-diagnostic function;
  4. Easy programming and connectable with data generated directly from copying the specimen.
  5. Diagrammatic display of workpiece.


  1. Modular assembling for main functional parts, easy maintenance;
  2. Punching, printing and drilling operations on one plate;
  3. Efficient drilling operation by fast approach, slow working and fast return program;
  4. On programming, either input punching diameter, location and quantity of workpiece, and have network interface, and also network locally with design department to interchange data base;
  5. Low labor working strength and high precision of workpiece.

Technical Specifications:

Model CJ100
Punching force (kN) 1000
Marking force (kN) 800
Thickness range of workpiece (mm) 6-20
Max. Workpiece dimension (mm) 1500*800
Number of station 3/6
Max. Punching diameter (mm) 31.5
Min. Margin distance from punching center 25
Number of letter (mm) 14 or 18
Size of letter (mm) 14x10x 20
Working accuracy GB2694-2003
Overall dimension (mm. FR*LR*H) 3020*2522*1875

On request, CJ100 machine can also be equipped with drilling unit, which is model CJZ100,
whose technical data are as follows

Model CJZ100
Punching Thickness of Workpiece 3-25mm
Max. Drilling thickness 40 mm
Max. Drilling diameter 50 mm
Speed of main spindle 100-750 r/min
Feeding speed of main spindle 20-280 mm/min
Stroke of main spindle 180 mm
Power of main spindle 5.5 KW