Oil-Immersed Reactor (up 800 KV).


Extra-voltage oil-immersed reactor is mainly used in principal part of the electric force and distribution system in large power plant, nuclear power plant, and hydropower station. This product series involve flat wave reactor, shunt reactor, arc extinction winding and earthing reactor etc. The characteristics of this product are as follows,

    • It adopts special software to compute and analyze the electromagnetism, heat and mechanism.
    • It adopts flat winding, adopting transposed conductor, the electric intensity of the winding is increased and the eddy current loss is minished at the same time.
    • The insulating structure adopts molding insulators, the insulating reliability is improved.
    • The core disc is the type with gas crack, strained by the pole through the center, guaranteeing core's solidities.
    • Applying all round magnet leakage shield system to prevent local heat.
    • The active part and the tank of the transformer fixed by the way of casting, guaranteeing the active part not to move during transportation and the operation's reliability.

Parameter scope

  • Voltage: Maximum 800KV
  • Capacity: Maximum 60000KVA