surveillance and monitoring system (Mobile monitoring systems)


Mobile Monitoring and Surveillance Systems could be used especially for monitoring and surveillance of interest areas such as border lines, airports, coastal areas and other areas with increased demands for flexible protection against penetration of personas non grata during day or/and night time.

Systems could be implemented in any type of the vehicle, which has enough internal space for installation. Basic silhouette of the vehicle is staying unchanged after complete modification of the vehicle.

Main features of mobile monitoring system

  • Drive on public roads and out of these in specific border area conditions.
  • Detect targets in interest area using the real time passive detection principle by means of electro-optical system or radar.
  • Display real time image from the targets.
  • Communicate by radio with Command Centre and patrol and intervention elements.
  • Record the displayed images and to play the images.
  • Record the operators verbal comments during the real time recording of surveyed scene and afterwards when viewing a video recording.
  • Utilise digital maps and to find self location by GPS
  • Provide electrical energy required to operate the equipment/systems for surveillance and control.