Capacitor Voltage Transformer (Up To 800kv)


Nissin Electric's instrument transformers have gone through over 50 years of technological progress through the continual innovation in design, production, and quality assurance processes. In both Japan and countries around the world, our instrument transformers have contributed to providing a stable electronic power volume and measurement through accurate output for protection relays and measuring equipment in high-voltage power systems. Nissin Electric will continue our effort towards technological innovation in order to provide safer, more reliable instrument transformers and take part in the supplving of stable electricity around the world.

For protection and measuring applications Reliable on "Oil filled and hermetically sealed construction"


  • Oil filled hermetically sealed construction. The capacitor unit(s) will be provided with metal bellow type oil volume adjusting device at the top.

Manufacturing Range

  • Voltage Class : Up to 800kV
  • Voltage : 72.5kV ~ 765kV
  • Application : Protection and measuring