Photovoltaic System.


  • Ever since our success in developing power conditioners for photovoltaic systems under the "Sunshine Plan", our photovoltaic system has been supplied to numerous customers, receiving high remarks. We will continue our efforts towards developing even higher quality photovoltaic systems, an effective means to curb global warming.
  • Features Grid Connected Photovoltaic System
    • Generates greenhouse gas - free clean energy.
    • No fuel Required: As long as thereユs sunshine, power can be generated.
    • Because itユs a static source of power generation, maintenance is simple.
    Power conditioner (AC array)
    • The proprietary circuit method allows high input voltage acheieving high efficiency.
    • With parallel 10-kW units, our system covers a wide range of low to high capacity requirements.
    • An online system provides all essential information concerning the power situation in real time, making system management easier.
  • Rating

    Three-phase three-wire system, 200V, 10kW/unit

  • Manufacturing Range

    10kW up to MW levels