Dynamic Airtime Advance



Dynamic Airtime Advance from our principals Experian is an innovative solution that allows pre-paid subscribers to receive airtime value in credit to extend their talk time once they run out of balance.

Once a subscriber runs out of balance, a customised offer is computed for each individual subscriber, and sent instantly via SMS / USSD. If accepted, airtime is immediately credited to the subscriber, who can resume their usage and who will simply pay back when they next top up using their conventional method.

Airtime Credit technology combines analytical models based on pre-paid data with decision engine to calculate real time, when a subscriber runs out of balance, what is the best set of airtime advance offers to make in order to optimally balance response rate, amount, credit risk and pricing. Eligible subscribers reaching zero balance receive an SMS with the available offer(s) and if they respond positively, they are topped-up instantly

DYNAMIC AIRTIME ADVANCE is very different from traditional SOS or emergency airtime solutions available on the market, as it based on advanced analytics and credit risk management platform, allowing real time computing of the best offer, and to offer far higher amounts, up to 50% of the historical monthly ARPU of each individual subscrib

This allows users to offer “what the subscriber needs” rather than the same amount and fee to all, increasing dramatically the amount of airtime advance issued, the adoption rate and customer satisfaction.

The key benefits delivered compared to traditional SOS / emergency airtime solutions include:

  • Superior customer satisfaction: when offered high airtime advance amounts, the subscriber can top-up when convenient
  • Increased ARPU: increased amounts of airtime advanced lead to increased ARPU. The solution typically deliver in excess of 5% ARPU increase for the subscribers taking the offer
  • Reduced churn: the SIM remains in the phone as the airtime advanced is enough to last for a few days rather than a few minutes
  • Relevance: the right amount and price is offered to each individual subscriber
  • Step change financial results: we typically deliver 10x financial results compared to traditional SOS or emergency airtime solutions