International Bill Pay


30% of all money remitted by individuals to their family at home is used to pay bills.
Research shows that when a person moves countries it can take over a year to get a bank account opened. During this period they remit money in cash via either a branded cash transfer company (which is very expensive with charges up to 12%) or they use illegal money transfer businesses (which are high risk and black market). There is also a problem of ‘leakage’ at the far end with money being remitted not being spent as expected.

PiP iT have developed a service where people can pay bills directly with cash in their home country from their host country. They don’t need a bank account in either country, the payment goes straight to the biller.

This service is now live with the following billing partners:


For Bill Pay in Uganda            For Bill Pay in Ghana                For Bill Pay in Zimbabwe

The consumer creates an eWallet account which they can load with cash via PiP iT Global. From there they can select the bill they want to pay and make the payment direct from the wallet.
The fees for this service are dramatically less than remitting the cash and the payer knows all of the transferred amount goes directly off the bill.