Dissolved Acetylene Plant


Main scope of supply:

This plant is adopting the up-data technology process. Its feature is : to use powdered carbides of less than 80mm granularity and has a wide range of gas acetylene. The plant employs a liquid purification which is carried out in washing towers with plastic liner inside. All motors, oscillators and electric appliances are protected with proper explosionproof measures in accordance with international standard. It's safety. 4 complete sets exported to Indonesia and run well. The customers are satisfactory.

Main scope of supply:
  • Low pressure acetylene generator
  • Acetylene purifier
  • Acetylene compressor
  • High pressure dryer
  • Filling system
  • Instrument and electric control system
  • Cylinders (separate order)
We will provide all kinds of technical service after sale.

Fldwsheet of Type Ryq-160 Dissolved Acetylene Plant
  • Main generator
  • Subsidiary generator
  • Washing and cooling tower
  • Carbide bucket
  • Store hopper
  • Vibrating feed drum
  • Water-seal
  • Gas-holder
  • Diluted acid pump
  • Concentrated acid pump
  • Alkali liquor pump
  • Dryer
  • Purifier
  • Neutralizer
  • PSA dryer
  • High pressure fire arrester
  • Pressure gauge
  • Acetylene charging system
  • Acetylene compressor
  • Filter
  • Clarified water container
  • Subsidiary settler
  • Residual lime paste vehicle
  • Residual lime paste pump
  • Residual lime paste pit
  • Calcium Carbide residue treating system