Thermal Power Equipment


Complete plants for industrial power stations , cogeneration power stations ,and heat recovery power stations in sugar refinery , textile plant , petrochemical plant , power industry ,etc . can be provided.
Capacity:  1.5MW-50MW
Frequency:  50HZ/60HZ

Steam capacity:10t/h-220t/h
Steam pressure:2.34Mpa-9.8Mpa
Type: Waste heat boiler , multi-fuel(Oil, coal, gas, woodchip, coconut and palm shell, rice husk, baggage)fired boiler, black liquor boiler, utility boiler, ect.

Steam turbine
For power generation and co-generation purpose , condensing type, back pressure type, condensing/extraction type, back extraction type can be provided.
Capacity:  1.5MW-50MW
Steam pressure:   According to requirements
For driving pump, blower, compressor, ect.
Capacity:  10-25MW
Speed:  1,500-16,000RPM
Steam pressure and temperature:  According to requirements

Capacity:  1.5MW-50MW
Type:  Coaxial DC exciter, rotation diode brushless excitation silicon controlled rectifier