E-beam and X-ray System Configurations


E-beam and X-ray System Configurations

Shield design and product handling
The design of the product handling must take into considerations product and process specificities. It is rarely a standard of-the-shelve configuration which is implemented.
Deciding how to handle products, how to bring them to the irradation area, how to present them to the beam and how to integrate the irradiation system with other production and storage processes are critical decisions Mevex helps customers to take.

Main shield configurations

Dedicated facility

Inhouse – inline


Boxes or pallets
5 – 12 MeV
E-beam and/or X-ray
Concrete shielding
350 m² +
Continuous processing
Dedicated irradiation facilities
4 – 10 MeV
E-beam, optional X-ray
Steel shielding
150 – 200 m²
Continuous processing
Installed in existing buildings
30 x 30 x 30 cm products
1 – 1.9 MeV
X-ray, optional e-beam
Steel shielding
50 – 60 m²
Batch processing
Alternative to Gamma Cell (GC220)

Custom solution designs


Besides traditional configurations, Mevex also proposes custom designed systems for specific demands such as in house or in line processing.
Markets like phytosanitary treatment of food have specific needs depending on the food produce to be treated.
Research institute have also very particular needs which need a dedicate design.
One size doesn’t fit all!

Bunker design options

Trays, boxes or pallets
Packaging constraints will drive the product handling requirements.
Customer boxes may be loaded directly on the conveyor, on trays or on pallets.

Dual side eam
Opposite side irradiation increases the overall height of the bunker but makes it possible to irradiate boxes from both sides without flipping.This set-up is particularly usufull for fragile products which may be damaged with excessive handling.

Redundant Linacs
Linacs can be installed next to each other. This allows starting a business with a single Linac and increase capacity when needed by adding a second Linac next to the first one. A second Linac brings redundancy. The facility is not down if an issue occurs on one of the Linacs.

Safety system
The Mevex safety system has been designed to meet the most stringent safety standards to provide the safest environment for your workplace.

Mevex also supplies and integrates robots for automizing product handling, palletization, integration with customer production lines.