Electron beam and X-ray industrial processing Food phytosanitary treatment

Food phytosanitary treatment
E-beam and X-ray have the same benefits on food as when it is heated, refrigerated, frozen or treated with chemicals. The advantage of food radiation compared with other techniques is that temperature does not change and there are no chemical residuals.
Food irradiation controls spoilage and food-borne pathogenic micro-organisms or insect pests without significantly affecting taste or smell.
X-ray food irradiation is limited by regulations to 5 MeV in most countries.

E-beam and X-ray penetration properties

10 MeV E-beam has limited penetration in product because electrons have mass as opposed to photon energy radiation of gamma and X-rays.
X-ray’s lower efficiency compared with e-beam is due to the power lost in the X-ray target during the conversion from e-beam to X-ray.