Lightning Detection and Thunderstorm Warnings system



LINET view – visualization of lightning data

LINET view visualizes the current or historical thunderstorm situation in your web browser. Not only individual lightning, thunderstorm cells and shortest-term forecasts (nowcasting, up to 60 minutes) are displayed on the map, but also customer-specific points of interest and alarm areas for timely thunderstorm warnings through lightning data.
With LINET view , weather-dependent facilities such as airports , high- voltage lines , wind farms, pipelines, oil drilling platforms and industrial plants can be precisely monitored and detailed evaluations of current or historical thunderstorm situations can be created.
LINET view enables the user to make a reliable statement about the time when a thunderstorm will arrive and thus helps, among other things, to protect employees outdoors, the safety of events, the immediate localization of a point of impact in the event of damage and the immediate initiation of repair measures

LINET systems – lightning detection system

LINET systems enables customers to purchase and operate their own, independent, highly accurate and reliable lightning detection system.
With LINET, nowcast has developed an extraordinarily efficient lightning detection system. LINET meets the highest demands for professional use with an excellent price-performance ratio.

LINET Data - Lightning location data

Small and large private and state-owned companies obtain detailed numerical real-time lightning information via LINET data .
LINET data is nowcast's classic product. The data can be integrated into the users' systems and linked to other data sources.
The data packets are available to the user in real time in various formats via the Internet. In addition to standard information on the location, time and strength of the lightning, LINET also reliably distinguishes between cloud and ground lightning and even determines the height of cloud lightning.

LINET Spot - Lightning damage query

The LINET spot web application enables convenient lightning damage queries by researching lightning strikes at a defined location at a specific time in the past. As a result, claims that were probably caused by lightning or lightning-induced overvoltage can be reliably verified and, if necessary, refuted. The results report is qualified for use in expert opinions.

flash query

Need an accurate flash query at a specific location for a specific day or 2 week period?
You can use the form below to place an order with us.

  • The costs for a 1-day query are €250 + VAT.
  • The costs for a 2-week query are €400 + VAT.
  • For all other, individual inquiries, please use the general contact form

You will receive a lightning report as a PDF which, in addition to specific, relevant lightning strikes in the vicinity of the specified location, also contains the probability of overvoltage. These reports are also often used for submission to insurance companies.

LINETmeasures the electromagnetic radiation emitted by lightning. This measurement is carried out by highly sensitive sensors that are distributed over the measurement area at a distance of about 150 to 250 km. Since the electromagnetic radiation from the lightning strikes travels at almost the speed of light, it reaches the sensors at different times. Although the difference is only microseconds (µs), an exact calculation of the original point of emission of the flash is possible. To do this, the measured data from each individual sensor is sent to a central server via the Internet. The server calculates the exact geographical position (the so-called "bearing") for all measured lightning bolts and saves it in a database. The results are available to the customer in real time.
But LINET does not only measure the position of the flash. LINET also captures the strength and polarity of the lightning, and in particular the height of cloud lightning, and enriches the lightning information with the third dimension. This property is unique worldwide for low-frequency networks (VLF/LF) that can be used over a large area.
The detected lightning strikes are immediately available to business customers in the form of data packages with numerical lightning information ( LINET data ) or a visualization ( LINET view 

  Lightning Detection system