Commercial Due Diligence


JESCO has completed a number of commercial due diligence programmes related to business development and JV Collaborations. 

JESCO has acted across a broad spectrum of scope including:

  • Assessing, validating or generating business plans and strategies.
  • Analysing market size, growth, structure and structural changes.
  • Accessing competitor strategies.
  • Providing customer and supplier perspectives

Case study


JESCO reported on a business with novel technology and a proposition that required its customers to change established manufacturing practices. The novel technology was positioned to benefit from structural changes underway within the Oil & Gas downstream industry. The questions assessed were the probability of the company delivering on its sales plan, an analysis of threats to the business plan, an assessment of the strength of the defensibility of the technology and the level of resources required.

JESCO reported on a multi-sited operation providing a detailed assessment of the production assets, capex requirements, site development, actual and optimal manning, accident and safety records, organisation/ organisational development, process technology, application know-how, new product development.