JV Collaborations


JESCO assists companies to find suitable JV partners for necessary cross border expansion.

JESCO works with clients to carry out an initial market scan looking for suitable targets. JESCO is an expert in identifying who the relevant players are and where they fit in the supply chain. Once a number of candidates are identified then a critical examination is carried out to assess the target's strengths and weaknesses, future prospects and availability for collaboration. If required, JESCO will also act in negotiations between the two companies.

Case study


JESCO identified suitable JV partners in India for Japanese manufacturer focused on equipment for Solar Power Plants. We helped identify a suitabe JV partner who would have the necessary experience and distribution network to supply their products for suitable solar power plants 

JESCO's scope of work includes:

- Study & Identification of Potential JV partners

- Introduction to potential JV partners

- Negotiation assistance for JV agreements