Large Substrate Wafer Wet Cleaning Systems

  • Large Substrate  Wafer Wet Cleaning Systems

Large Substrate Cleaner (LSC) is a stand-alone cleaner which utilizes PC control for substrates up to 21" OD. A LabVIEW interface through a touch screen on the front panel provides greater control compared to the SWC systems and allows for controlled access levels such as operators, process engineers, and maintenance. The LSC incorporates the same, patented megasonic technology and chemical dispenses as the SWC systems. The combination of LabVIEW control and the larger process chamber support additional options such as ozonated DIW, high pressure DIW, pelliclized reticle, and piranha cleaning. Single wafer and cassette to cassette auto load/unload are available


  • 21” OD, 15”x15” substrates and 450mm wafer
  • Damage free megasonic cleaning
  • Variable speed PVA brush
  • Chemical Dispenses with Suck Back Valves
  • Dual drain for acids and solvents
  • Fully automated PC based, recipe driven
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • Manual load and unload
  • Safetly interlocks and alarm
  • 32”x28” footprint


  • Pelliclized reticle cleaning
  • Double sided brush and megasonic cleaning
  • Chemical delivery module
  • Fill sensors for chemical bottles
  • Piranha cleaning
  • Ozonated DI water (20ppm of O3)
  • High pressure DI water
  • Heated DI water
  • Nitrogen ionizer
  • CO2 injector with DIW resistivity monitor
  • FM4910 materials
  • Robotic loading/unloading with SMIF pod


  • Si and saphire wafers
  • Chips on wafer frame
  • Display panels
  • ITO coated displays
  • Patterned and un-patterned masks
  • Mask blanks
  • Pelliclized reticles
  • Contact masks