Reactive Ion Etching

  • Reactive Ion Etching

Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) system with shower-head gas distribution and water cooled RF platen. It has a stainless steel cabinet and a 13" cylindrical Aluminum chamber that opens from top for wafer loading. Chamber has two ports, one with a 2" window the other with a blank off for end point detection and for other diagnostic. It can accept up to 12" (300 mm) wafers. Chamber is extremely clean in design and reaches 10-6 Torr or lower base pressure depending on the pumping package. It can be operated in the pressure range of 20 mTorr to 8 Torr. Pumping package consists of a throttle valve, 250 l/sec corrosive turbomolecular pump, sieve filter, and a 10cfm mechanical pump with fomblin oil. The RF power is provided by 600 W 13.5 MHz power supply, and auto-tuner. The self DC bias is continuously monitored and reaches as high as -500 V which is important for anisotropic etching. The system is completely automated and is PC controlled. The real time system pressure and DC bias is displayed in graphic format while flow and power is displayed in alpha numeric format. Four levels of authorization Auto, Engineering, Process and Maintenance prevents unauthorized use of the system while giving maximum flexibility to user for setting up recipes in Process mode and running in Auto mode with high reproducibility.