Active Damping System


Introducing Avior Control Technologies, Space Rated Active Damping System (ADS).  This flexible energy absorption system provides reliable and stable damping characteristics over wide temperature range, in extreme environments.

Final Assembly -1The advantage of  the ADS over previous technologies is significant.  ADS offers extremely low  static friction at the input shaft, as compared to Eddy Current Dampers.  In fact, the ADS provides zero speed  torques that rival fluid dampers.   Additionally, ADS dampers offer extreme linearity and stable performance over a wide temperature range.  Temperatures as low as -150º C is available with dry film lubrication system.

ADS utilizes a patent pending internal feedback and control system that allows for the damping rate to be set internally at a toleranced value, or external provision may be provided to set the damping rate at user selected value, within the usable range of the ADS.   Only two wire DC voltage is required for this system excitation.  Current draw will depend on damping rate and energy absorption requirements.  Typically for a +28VDC system, current draw requirements are less than 1 ADC.

Internally, the ADS utilizes high performance, low static friction Damper Modules and one or more stages of high reliability planetary geartrain modules.   Utilizing  MSFC-SPEC-522 Table 1 materials, and materials compliant with JSC-SPEC-SP-R-0022 (<0.1% CVCM and <1% TML), these dampers are designed to accommodate the most extreme NASA requirements.


  •  Simple DC Excitation
  •  High reliability
  •  Predictable, linear performance
  •  Low dead-band (backlash)
  •  No temperature compensation required
  •  Significantly lower static friction when compared to Eddy Current Dampers
  •  One qualified design may accommodate a wide range of deployment applications.
  •  Intrinsic redundancy
  • Option of linear damping or constant velocity characteristics