Eddy Current Dampers

Type “L” Durango Damper
for Solar Array Deployment Control

Avior’s engineering expertise is recognized in the industry as a subject matter expert for Eddy Current Dampers and Controlled Deployment Systems. The developments and unparalleled performance reflect a dedication to innovation and continuous improvement in the development and implementation of high reliability, Space-Rated Eddy Current Damper Technologies.

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The products described herein and in our catalog, reflect an advanced Eddy Current Damper technology that offers higher damping rate per unit volume, with lower mechanical and total static friction than competing technologies. In addition to these performance enhancements, Avior has developed a proprietary Controlled Damping System (CDS) and Passive Constant Velocity Control Damper (CVCD) that will revolutionize synchronous deployment and controlled deployment systems. The CDS  may be set for nearly any damping rate offers significantly lower static friction and offers multiple levels of redundancy. The CVCD requires no power or heaters to provide constant velocity damping over a wide temperature rang

Critical Materials

  • MSFC-SPEC-522 Table 1 Materials
  • High Grade Stainless Steels, Passivated per ASTM-A-967 or AMS-2700
  • Winding Insulation System:
  • Polyimide Magnet Wire
  • Low Outgassing Class H220 Impregnating Varnish (No Silicone varnishes)
  • Lubrication System:
  • Low outgassing space qualified wet lube or optional dry film lubrication
Eddy Current Damper for NASA Science Satellite Damping Rate Test – Room Ambient Cold Temperature Damping Rate Test


γ15ECD-N853 Eddy Current Damper ECD Test Set inside temperature chamber


Special Processes

  •    Passivation per ASTM-A-967 or AMS-2700
  •    Motor Winding Assembly Standards / Inspection
  •     Vacuum Impregnation of Varnish

Cleaning and Contamination Control:

  •     Critical Clean per IEST-STD-CC1246 level 300 A.
  •     Clean Room Lubrication / Assembly per ISO-14644-1 and -2

Vacuum Outgassing – All Materials compliant with JSC-SPEC-SP-R-0022
(<0.1% CVCM, <1.0% TML)

Standard Environments:
Operating / Non Operating Environment

  • Temperature -40º C to + 150º C
  • Relative Humidity: 0% to 90%
  • Pressure 1E-6 torr to 812 torr.

Standard Environments:
Optional Dry Film Lubrication Environment

  • Temperature -120º C to + 150º C
  • Relative Humidity: 0% to 50%
  • Pressure 1E-6 torr to 812 torr.

User’s Manual: With every Eddy Current Damper deliverable, Avior will provide a User’s Manual that will Include:

  • Acceptance Test Data
  • Clean Room Handling Requirements
  • Installation Instructions
  • Installation Precautions
  • Maximum Radial Load Ratings
  • Maximum Thrust Load Ratings