High Voltage Decks


100 kV to 400 kV Decks for positive ion beams

50 to 100’s of μA  of many elements from hydrogen to bismuth

NEC manufactures High Voltage Decks between 100 kV and 400 kV for use in research and industry. Decks up to 500 kV have also been built for use as injectors to NEC’s large vertical accelerator systems.

High Voltage Decks work on the same basic principles as Single Ended Accelerator Systems with one notable difference: while traditional Single Ended accelerators are used mainly for light ions, a High Voltage Deck can create and accelerate heavy ions with high charge states, leading to very high beam energies. Using  ECR (Electron Cyclotron Resonance) or Gas/Sputter ion sources, NEC High Voltage Decks have been shown to create 100’s of μA of many elements from hydrogen to bismuth.

NEC High Voltage Decks also use air cooled isolation transformers or motor-generator combinations to generate power on the deck, depending on specific requirements. The air cooled isolation transformers reduce ambient noise as well as vibration for delicate experiments.

The ion source beamline can be customized for low resolution or high resolution applications (better than 1:200). The high energy beamlines can be used for implantation and damage studies.

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