Integral Sensors Brakes


Avior offers a full line of complementary function devices for use in step verification or servo control systems. Avior also provides expertise and hardware options for energy absorption, fail-safe and controlled braking applications.

Brushless DC Actuators with Integral Encoders and Friction Brakes


These durable components are manufactured with the same high-grade materials and processes that make our motors and gearboxes reliable.

Avior is pleased to introduce a line of precision gearboxes that incorporate high-accuracy Integral-Encoders. These rugged components use no optical read-heads and are available in dual-redundant or triplex-redundant configurations.

Offering resolutions to 20 bits, these devices are adapted integrally to the output shaft of the low speed gearbox with no intermediate couplings or gearing, and are insensitive to radial or thrust loads. Integral-Encoders may be provided for our in-line or right angle gearbox configurations.

Contact Avior’s engineering department for more information on position feedback and Integral-Encoder options.

Avior Size 15 Right Angle Drive Actuator With Integral Redundant OnAxis Position Sensor One Arc-Minute Encoder Integration