Gearbox Modules

Right Angle Drive Actuator With Integral OnAxis Position Feedback


Avior’s high efficiency planetary gearing modules feature high grade materials,  precision machining tolerances, fully preloaded ball bearing arrangements and critical process. These design features help contribute to  the industries premium performance gearing modules.   Avior’s critical gearbox parts are inventoried in blank form so that customization may be accommodated with responsive service, without compromising the integrity of the hardware.

Our selection of MSFC-SPEC-522, Table I Materials assures resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking, and speeds the process during reviews.  Avior may provide low outgassing space qualified lubrication systems complainant with JSC-SPEC-SPR-0022 (<0.1% CVCM, <1% TML).   Cleaning, particle counts and application of barrier film migration inhibitor are standard processes for applications used in a space environment.

Our fully preloaded ball bearing arrangements for the planetary cage carrier bearings as well as the the bearing arrangement on each of the planetary gears provides full bearing rolling element contact with no “bouncing balls” during launch.  These features significantly increases efficiency, reliability, radial load capacity and life of the critical gearbox components, while reducing backlash.  Static and dynamic efficiencies of greater than 90% has been verified. Backlash of less than ± 1 arc-minute is available.

Avior may incorporate an in-line or right angle gearbox utilizing our standard modular design concept.  Although this catalog only delineates our in-line actuator product line, right angle versions are available in all frame sizes.  Contact Avior’s engineering department for right angle drive options and configurations.