Direct Drive Motors

195 mm Direct Drive Torque Motor 70 mm Direct Drive Stator and Rotor Cog-Less Motor Performance Testing


Avior has extended our quality, service and reliability to introduce our high performance line of frameless Direct Drive Motors.    Avior uses high-energy-product, high-temperature Samarium Cobalt magnets, high cobalt content laminations, coupled with state-of-the-art space rated low outgassing materials.  These features, combined with Avior’s industry renowned engineering expertise and customer satisfaction, provide responsive solutions for custom Direct Drive Motor applications.

Cog-less and Conventional Direct Drive Motors are ideal for precision applications where large through bore must be maximized and available configurations cannot accommodate housed or geared actuators.  Avior may provide trapezoidal or sinusoidal back-emf, depending on the control system requirements.  Avior has a proprietary winding lay-in that provides higher motor constant per unit frame size, compared to competitors’ offerings for trapezoidal applications. Alternatively, we may offer Cog-less Direct Drive Motors with low harmonic distortion sinusoidal back emf for the ultimate in smooth control at low velocities.

Our Direct Drive Motors are available in sizes up to 10” in diameter (255 mm). Options include titanium or special material mounting flanges, potted (encapsulated) windings and custom mounting interfaces.

Contact Avior’s engineering department for more information about our Direct Drive Motor technologies.