Flicker Noise System


3001B Flicker Noise Measurement System

The AdMOS 3001B Flicker Noise Measurement System is a state-of-the art solution to characterize 1/f noise of electronic devices.

It consists of a 3012 Filter Unit, which is placed closely to the device under test (DUT), and a 3022 Control Unit to link the system to the host computer. Distortions which influence the measurement accuracy can be minimized by applying this concept.

Ready to use flexible templates allow the measurement of FETs (CMOS, HVMOS, OTFT, ..), BJTs, diodes, resistors and other devices on-wafer or as discrete devices. Moreover, circuits like operational amplifiers can be measured as well.

By default, the system automatically selects the optimum setting for the most accurate noise measurement depending on the bias condition of the DUT. However, users can change this behavior to focus on measurement speed.

The system is controlled by the new and intuitive AdMOS Flicker Noise Measurement Software on a Windows PC.